The Essentials Of Carp Fishing Rigs

There are many people who want to learn how to fish for carp. This is a popular pastime continues to attract a lot of beginners. Even though there are people who do not have a chance to learn from a master fisherman, they still want to get started. Their challenge is finding out what is the best approach in learning.

The biggest mistake that you can make if you want to learn carp fishing is browsing through fishing magazines and trying to copy the fancy fishing rigs that the articles show you. The rig may look nice, but it will just leave you more confused because of its complexity. The best way to learn is by learning the basics. Learn the simple rigs first and become skillful at setting those up. Try to catch the small fish first before trying for the big one. The basic rigs are actually quite effective in catching a bigger variety of fish, whereas the fancy rigs that you see in magazine are designed for more specialized fishing that are hardly used in carp fishing.

It is not the fancy rig that will catch you the fish, but it is your confidence. When you are confident about your fishing skills and the rigs that you set up, you can be more effective. Your confidence will show in how you cast your line and how you manipulate the bait in the water. Even by using the basic rigs, like the mono rig, the bolt rig, the basic running ledger rig, the hybrid rig or the inline lead, you can catch fish in all types of environment.

When you master the basic rigs, you will feel confident enough to modify it into more complex configurations. You will have fun making your own rigs and experimenting with different setups.

As a beginner, you should start with the basic mono rig, which is very simple without anything fancy about it. This uses a knotless knot that you will find in rigs that you see out on the market.

Choose the bait that you want to use. The size of the bait will determine the size of the hook that you should use. The length of the hair will also be based on your bait. So, if you change your bait, you will need to change your hook. If one set up is not catching any fish, try another.

Rigs For Beginners - Carp Fishing Rigs 101

Although there are many people that aspire to be competent carp fishermen, carp fishing is something that often has quite a few beginners that have never had the benefit of an apprenticeship before. Most beginners will wonder where they should begin, a common question that most of them unsurprisingly ask.

It is common for beginners to look through magazines and try to duplicate the fancy tubing and swivels that they see with the latest rigs, something that most beginners should not be doing. It's like staring at a blank wall trying to get inspiration. Starting from the beginning, and working your way up, is the best thing you can do. You should go after much smaller fish at first and then try for larger ones. Although they may look appealing in a magazine, most of the tools that you see advertised are for carp enthusiasts, and many of them are not even used by these experts. Ask your local dealer what carp fishing tips and advice he can give you on the different rigs.

Here are a couple basic carp fishing rigs that you should consider.

You have to be confident to do carp fishing. It is the most important skill you can master when you do this. Confidence pertaining to your ability to deal with tackle, rigs, and the bait that you use. You want to start off with very small rigs when you begin: in-line lead, bolt rig, basic running ledger rig, hybrid rig, and a basic mono rig will work just fine. In most cases, you will be able to use these rigs to catch carp in any water at all.

When you are able to master using these basic rigs; getting the basics right, you'll soon be able to handle the more sophisticated rigs that are available. You really can't go wrong when you master the basics.

A basic mono rig is probably the best place a beginner should start when doing carp fishing rigs. There are no fancy components to consider. You can change your hook link materials once you master this, using something like fluoro carbon to begin with. You need to learn how to tie a knot less knot, which is the heart of the basic mono rig and the knot that has changed the carp fishing industry the most. In fact, every rig on the market today uses a knot like this.

You need to size up your bait using this rig. It will play a role in the hair length and hook size that you use. When changing the size of your bait, remember that you will always need to change the size of the rig itself and also your hook when the bait size changes.


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